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The largest compilation of archery books, magazines, articles, documents, photographs and historical artifacts in the world is at The Easton Foundations Archery Library.

The library got its start in 1989 when archery enthusiast John Garrett donated his vast collection of books and magazines to the foundation. In the years since, Jim Easton and many others have contributed countless additional pieces.

If and when you come to visit the library here are some interesting items to look for:

  • Roger Ascham’s Toxophilus, a book about longbow archery published in 1545, is the first book about archery ever printed in English.

  • Ancient Japanese writings on the art of the bow

  • Over 5,000 archery magazines and articles on archery and hunting, as well as archery company catalogs and brochures, and tournament programs and results

  • Approximately 30,000 archery photographs, negatives and slides

  • Videotape from major archery events throughout the world, such as the Olympics and world championships.

  • Ancient Chinese, Turkish and Korean bows

  • Wood arrows dating back to the 1600s

  • Bronze arrow points estimated to be from 20 B.C.

  • Arrowheads as old as 500 B.C.

  • Chinese thumb rings