Those We Would Like To Publicly Recognize

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The Easton Sports Development Foundation owns the most complete archery library in the world. This large, comprehensive library was donated by John Garrett of Costa Mesa, California. It contains thousands of rare and contemporary books, magazines, articles, and periodicals written by people whose names are synonymous with archery.

Mr. Garrett started collecting archery books in his early 20’s in an effort to learn how to make his own tackle. As his interest in the historical side of archery grew, so did his library—and his friendships with other archery historians such as J.T. Thomas, Clement Parker, Willard Bishop, Howard Bobbs, Bob Rhode and countless others. Over the years, Mr. Garrett corresponded with many archery buffs throughout the world. From them he was able to track down several out-of-print 1st editions like, Roger Ascham’s “Toxophilus”, “The Crossbow”, by Ralph Payne Gallway, “The Witchery of Archery” by Maurice Thompson, and numerous other books that make his library so extensive and fascinating.

Mr. Garrett decided that his library should be shared with other archers, and looked for the perfect place to locate it. The Easton Sports Development Foundation fit all his stringent requirements. A non-profit organization, the Foundation is dedicated to the growth and improvement of archery. It donates time and money to building archery ranges and developing instructional programs, and gratefully accepts donations of materials related to archery and bowhunting.

The Easton Sports Development Foundation is also grateful to the following donors for their contributions to the library.

  • Ms. Tsutako Onuma (artifacts)

  • Mr. XU, Kacai (artifacts)

  • Mr. Ben Dubin (artifacts)

  • Mr. Milt Lewis (photographs)

  • Mr. Robert Rhode (photographs)

  • Mr. Don Lovo (periodicals)

These are the donations that we are aware of and we apologize if we have left anyone off this list of acknowledgements.