What is an Easton Foundations Affiliate Designation?

The Easton Foundations has devoted considerable resources to create a growing network of owned Operating Centers, and has supported the construction of a number of independently owned and operated archery centers and programs.  Combined, they represent a collaborative effort as to what would work best in a youth archery program for the particular community and as part of a nationwide movement.   Some Affiliates are connected with various youth NGO’s and others with government agencies. 

Easton Foundations recognizes certain proven centers and programs as being aligned with the Easton Foundations’ mission, and offers them an official “Affiliate” branding designation.  These Affiliates join with the Easton Foundations Operating Centers to exchange best practices, resources, communications and marketing, and grant funding (for non-profits and agencies).

If you own/operate a full service Archery Center, or conduct commercial operations out of a shared facility space, you can apply to become an Easton Foundations Affiliate Center or Program.  The application process is straight forward, and assistance is available to help you with plans or other documents needed for the application.

Goals of the Operating Centers and Affiliates

  • To create regional Centers to work together to build the sport of archery—recreational or competitive.

  • To collaborate on best practices, financial viability and programming.

  • To help recruit and retain more recreational and competitive archers.

  • To provide regional support to smaller local archery programs and independent archery coaches.

What is an Affiliate Archery Center?

The facility may include indoor/outdoor archery ranges, must be open to the public, and must have a Level 3 or higher USA Archery/NFAA certified coach on staff.

What is an Affiliate Archery Program?

An archery program existing in a shared facility devoted to multiple types of recreation/athletics.  All programs must be overseen by a Level 3 or higher USA Archery/NFAA certified coach.

What are the benefits?

Use of the Easton Foundations’ Affiliate Archery Center/Program brand to assist in name recognition for fund raising or recruitment.

  • Eligible for grant funding (available to non-profit/government agency affiliates only).

  • Access to other Affiliates/Operating Centers to share ideas and best practices through conferences, seminars and conference calls.

How does the application process work?

Email initial query to Executive Director. Please include:

  • Description of facility or program

  • List of all directors, coaches and staff of the archery program

  • Financials for the past two years

  • Copy of most recent 990 tax return, if applicable

  • Budget for upcoming year showing revenue and expenses

Easton Foundations staff will:

  • Contact you upon receipt of your information to discuss the timing and if any additional information is needed, which may include:

    • Schedule site visits to meet staff and inspect the site.

    • Discuss program options, design options (if you are building), and/or equipment options.

Download Easton Foundations Archery Centers Branding Manual



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