Archery Center Selection Guidelines at a Glance

Guidelines for Selection Regional Archery Center Facility Community Archery Facility Local Club or Recreation Dept. Archery Facility
501(c)(3) or Governmental Organization to be eligible to receive ESDF funding and to operate center Required Required Required
Established 501(c)(3) organization with track record of financial stability Required Required Required
Community and Financial Support from City, County, State, or DNR Required Required Required
Support All Styles of Archery Required Olympic-Style Training, Olympic-Style Practice & Competition Fields, Field & 3-D Courses & Bowhunting Ranges Required Olympic-Style Practice, 3-D & Field Courses, & Bowhunting Ranges Practice Ranges
Year Round Training Facility – Cold weather locations with sheltered outdoor shooting line Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges Required Outdoor or Indoor Outdoor or Indoor
Archery Training and Transition programs with an Olympic-Style Archery
Goal (program progression through NASP, ASAP, JOAD, JOAD Elite, OAS,
Dream Team, College Archery Program, Olympic Team, Resident Athletes)
Required Desirable Optional
Archer Progress tracked and reported to National Champs data base of National Head Coach and NAA Required Required Desirable
Near Major Regional Population Center Required Desirable Optional
Near Major College or University with sports medicine capabilities, and College Archery Program Potential (within approximately a 1-hour drive) Required Desirable Optional
Current National, Regional, and Local archery activities National Regional Local
Strategic proposal to expand current youth, interscholastic and collegiate programs Required Interscholastic and Collegiate Youth

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