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The Rewards of Becoming An Instructor/Coach

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Join in the fun! In as little as a day, you can become a certified archery instructor. Read below for more information.


Financial Compensation

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Some archery coaches are active as volunteers with teams and organizations, and some conduct archery classes as a sports business. Both are great reasons to coach. Here are a few ways to earn an income from archery coaching:

Teaching Recreational Archery Classes

Recreation agencies often hire qualified independent contractors to conduct archery classes that the agency promotes throughout their communities. An archery instructor signs on with the agency, brings equipment to the class the agency schedules and conducts the class, then splits the proceeds with the agency.

Teaching Instructor Training Classes

Thousands of new basic instructors are taught each year by upper level instructors and coaches on behalf of their respective national organizations. These organizations often facilitate instructor training courses for the staff of schools, camps, rec agencies, and then contact a nearby upper level course instructor to teach it. The course instructor often sets their own rate based on local standards or ability. Once a client relationship has been formed, it’s common for the client to contact the course instructor repeatedly for future instructor trainings.

Becoming a Paid Individual or Team Coach

Instructors and coaches who have proven themselves with their abilities are sometimes offered paid positions as a team coach or individual coach. This may be an hourly payment, or assignment to help conduct a specialty training camp or event. Each country participating in the Olympics generally employs an elite national archery coach that leads their national training programs for their archers.



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Archery events take place in some terrific locations across the country and around the world. Coaches sometimes travel with their archers or teams, or are hired to assist with the events themselves. Time permitting, these can turn into working vacations with some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see sights, and be with people you may never get to meet.


Work With Athletes

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A tournament archer needs to focus on their event performance often times at the expense of everything else around them—no matter what their level of expertise. A coach can make all the difference by acting as mentor, equipment inspector, travel agent—you name it. The archer may be the one on the podium, but they’ll have you to thank for it.


Work With Children

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Archery is one of those rare activities that can teach a child what it feels like to be successful at something. There are few greater rewards than being there with them when that child shoots their first bullseye. Archery has been proven to raise self-esteem, and to improve learning and awareness in other outdoor activities. Archery is the second leading favorite summer camp activity after swimming, and for good reason—it’s just plain fun for kids!



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Archery clubs and local events couldn’t exist without volunteers. Coaches are often on the front lines helping organizers host events for the public and for other beginners. Nationally, coaches may be recruited by a national organization to volunteer their time and expertise to help conduct youth camps or other events for the good of the sport.