How do I find out if the Library has a book or periodical I want?

Type the full title of the book or the author or the publisher into the search box. You will get a list of results. The title you want may not be the first one so look at all the results.

You have the book I want to see. Can I come and look at it?

Yes, we are open to the public by appointment only. Library hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(excluding holidays) To schedule a visit click here. If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us via phone or email so that we can allocate that time to another visitor.

Can I take a book home?

No. Due to the fact that the library collection consists of many pieces that are rare and in most cases, one of a kind, we do not circulate our books. Browse our online catalog. Let us know what materials you would like to look at from our collection and we will have them waiting for you when you arrive.

Can I donate books to the library?

Yes! But we are specific to archery and bowhunting. Visit our Library Donations page to get more information. We are also interested in trading duplicate items with collectors.

Can I photocopy an article or pages from a book?

We will make up to 10 copies for you at no charge as there are no public copiers. The fee for copies in excess of 10 will be charged at the discretion of the librarian, but the charge will be no more than 10¢ per copy. There is an upper limit of 50 copies per visit. We reserve the right to refuse to copy materials that may be damaged in the process.

Will someone help me when I get to the Library?

Yes, a librarian is available to help you with your research and getting the books you want. You will not be given access to all the books, but the librarian will make available a few items at a time.

How do I get to the Easton Foundations Archery Library and where can I park?

Please visit our Contact Page for directions and parking information.