JOAD Games

One of the challenges in running an active JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Club is to design practice sessions that are both useful as teaching tools as well as being fun for the members. Many JOAD clubs, such as Cincinnati Junior Olympians, contain a mix of archers. Our club, on any given date, has several children who have been shooting only a few months combined with several national class competitors. What is an effective practice session for novices is often a waste of time for archers who have advanced to the JOAD Master level or higher. However, at Cincinnati Junior Olympians I have developed several games that serve several purposes. The games described in this article allow novices and experts to compete together or head-to-head. Furthermore, they teach one, or more, of the skills that are necessary for archers to learn in order to be successful tournament winners.

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Archery Focus Magazine by Jim Coombe 
Vol. 10, Issue 6, 2006