What Time are You In?

You guessed it, this article is not about world time zones, it is about shooting archery. The “time” you are “in” is one of the most important, but least talked about, aspects of shooting archery. What this article might help you discover is the time you are most often shooting in. Are you shooting in the past, the present (now), or the future?

If your answer to the above question is now, you are absolutely right; give yourself a pat on the back. When shooting, the time you are in should be the present or now, not in the past, thinking about the good or rough arrows you have shot, or in the future anticipating an outcome. Your mind should be only in the present time. If you are thinking about the last arrow you shot, you are not working on the arrow in your bow. The same is true if you are anticipating future events. If you are thinking that you have five 10s in the target and you only need one more to have a 60, and that is your thought while you are trying to shoot that last arrow for a perfect end, the likelihood of you actually shooting a 60 is pretty slim. The reason is, your mind is not in the same place that it was for the first five shots. You are now playing in the future and that is a dangerous place to be.

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Archery Focus Magazine by Don Rabska
Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2007