Easton Foundations and NASP Partner to Increase School Equipment Grants Program


ESDF is partnering directly with NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) and other groups to help fund schools that are interested in NASP. If your school is interested in running NASP please contact your local state representative (find yours at www.nasparchery.com). Please note that beginning July 1st, 2011 ESDF will no longer process requests for NASP funding directly from the schools, all requests will need to go through the state representatives.




August 23, 2010 – The Easton Foundations (EF®) has partnered with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) to accelerate the already tremendous growth rate of this popular school archery effort.  In May, NASP® announced the establishment of its first equipment grant program to help new NASP® schools. Contributors cooperated to provide $150,000 for this purpose. Donors also include:

  • Shikar-Safari Club International

  • Army National Guard

  • Mathews Archery

  • Easton Technical Products

  • Morrell, Field Logic, and Rinehart Targets

  • BCY & Brownell arrow curtains

  • Papes Archery

  • BowTree

  • Plano

  • Mossy Oak

  • National Wild Turkey Federation

  • Safari Club, and the Mule Deer Foundation.

This week EF® added $150,000 to the grant fund.  Thanks to EF®, twice as many new schools from each of the 47 NASP® states and 5 NASP® provinces may receive assistance to start their archery classes.

Once educators at a prospect school learn about NASP®, the next biggest obstacle to bringing archery instruction to their students is the purchase of the archery equipment kit.   Thanks to very cooperative pricing by NASP® suppliers, the equipment kit costs a school far less than its retail value.  Even so, the expense is around $3,000 to outfit a school’s Physical Education archery class of 24-36 students.   NASP’s equipment specifications are highly standardized in every school world-wide.  Each school uses the same bow and arrow.  The Genesis by Mathews Archery is a high quality universal-fit compound bow designed for sharing among several student archers.  The Genesis arrow was specifically designed by Easton Technical Products to be safe, durable, and effective for the archery student.  This principle of every student using the same equipment in archery class makes certain the focus of student learning is on mastering the process of safe and proper shooting.  If different types of equipment were used the teacher’s role would be more complicated, NASP®’s perfect safety record could be impacted, and the student’s mastery of how to shoot could be short-circuited.

Most of the more than 7,500 schools that have joined the program to date have been able to purchase their equipment with little help from outside sources.  However, many schools are not able to raise this money without assistance.  Some of these schools raise money locally among civic organizations, conservation clubs or chapters such as the National Wild Turkey Foundation or Safari Club International.  Innovative teachers also enlist the aid of parents to hold fund raising events to raise money for the equipment.   In many NASP® jurisdictions the fish and wildlife conservation agency provides grants to help schools with purchase of their initial archery equipment kit.

To help alleviate financial barriers we at NASP® are excited about this doubling of our equipment grants program from the $150,000 we announced in May to $300,000 today.  The generosity of the Easton Foundations® (EF®) has made this possible.  EF® is a non-profit foundation established by James L. Easton for the purpose of training and developing a pool of world class archers able to compete at the highest levels. The strategy used to accomplish the Foundation’s purpose is the creation or support of programs to develop archers at many levels in order to strengthen and deepen the available talent pool.  “The Easton Foundations have supported NASP® Schools for a number of years with equipment grants directly to the schools, our additional support of the NASP® School Equipment Grant Program allows us to support even more schools and leverage the great work of the NASP® organization and State Coordinators”, commented Greg Easton from the Easton Foundations.  For more about the Easton Foundations visit www.eastonfoundations.org

This grant offer is popular with coordinators who run NASP® in their respective states.  Timmy Thomas, who directs Alaska NASP® commented, “Offering the grants to schools is a major boost to the program. In Alaska we have a lot of very small schools and the price of a kit plus the large shipping bill is a huge issue. Some of my schools just could not afford this equipment without these generous grants. Offering these grants allows the Alaska program to grow at a much faster pace.” Likewise, Ray Metzler, Hunter Education Coordinator in Alabama offered, “Implementation of the program goes much quicker when our agency has been able to find outside  funding to provide to schools as matching money.  Schools must provide some of the money and generally are able to find about half of the funds required to purchase a kit without much problem.  It seems to me … they have more pride in their program if they have a stake in the purchase of the equipment.”

The National Archery in the Schools Program® is in its 9th year.  The original goal of establishing 120 schools and 24,000 students in a single state has been blown away as 1.5 million students from 47 states and 5 countries now participate.  If you would like to learn more about NASP® and how to help our nonprofit foundation bring the program to more students please check us out at:  www.archeryintheschools.org or www.nasparchery.com

By: Roy Grimes, President NASP®

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