2010 National Scout Jamboree Memories


I can’t begin to tell you what a hit the 30,000patches were for the participants at the Jamboree.  We gave one out to everyone who came to the archery range to shoot.  Over all the ten days of the Jamboree, we had a grand total 36,403 archers shoot on our four ranges.  Many of these were repeat shooters who shot multiple ends of five arrows each, so you can guess how many arrows were slung.   Attached are a couple pictures from our archery program.  Also attached is a file which mentions the USA Archery team doing demonstrations on our ranges which was extremely popular with the Jamboree participants as well.


Just saying “Thanks” for the packets and the patches you donated doesn’t seem to be enough to convey our gratitude.  We are deeply indebted to you, to NADA and to the Easton Foundation for contributing to making many, many lifetime memories for our youth participants at the Jamboree and for the staff of the ranges at well.  My very best to you.  Mike

Mike Parrish
Archery Team Leader
National Action Centers
2010 National Scout Jamboree