Kacey Eggers – From Passion to Profession – One Freshman’s Quest


Finding friends and selecting a major are daunting tasks for any college freshman, but Kacey Eggers, a freshman at Wayne State College in Nebraska, already knew her calling, and with a little effort, she quickly found others that shared an enthusiasm for her sport.

Eggers, a competitive archer and member of Easton’s, Dakota Archery’s, Hoyt’s and TruBall’s shooting staffs, created the Wayne State College Archery Club with the hopes of building friendships with other students who had a zeal for archery.

“Archery is no a well-known sport, “Eggers says.  “I started the club because I wanted those at our campus to know more about archery, and I wanted to find out if any of the other students had a passion for the sport like I do.”

Once Eggers got permission from the student senate to start the club, she invited those who expressed interest to join.  She even set up a booth in the student center encouraging students to test their archery skills.

Her efforts paid off.  The club’s 25 members practice together once a week and hold meetings every two weeks.  Many of them shoot on a competitive level, including Eggers.

Eggers enjoys competing in archery tournaments for the opportunity to make new friends and socialize with other like-minded athletes.

“The other competitors are so nice”, Eggers says.  “You feel welcome even if you’re not the best shooter out there.”

Eggers may not be the best shooter yet, but she’s on her way.  She’s competed on national and regional levels, and in 2008 she came in 3rd place in the National Field Archery Association’s (NFAA) Indoor Nationals.  She’s also placed 1st numerous times in the NFAA 3D Young Adult Female Freestyle division, and last year she won the Adult Freestyle division.

“I plan on shooting in the U S Collegiate Archery (USCA) Indoor Nationals, the USCA North Outdoor Regionals and Northern Outdoor Nationals,” Eggers says.

Eggers, who’s also the recipient of a $1,500 archery scholarship from the Easton and NFAA Foundations, says her family instilled within her the love of archery as a young child.

“Everyone in my family participates in archery, “Eggers says.  “My father began teaching me how to shoot when I was 7 years old.  I instantly fell in love with the sport and started shooting competitively when I was 9 or 10.”

Although she’s already accomplished much for young age, she’s set her sights even higher.  She hopes to make the All American USCA team, the USCA All Academic team and the All Region USCA team.  She’s also working toward making the World University Games team, which represents the US in the World University Games in Spain in 2012.

Although she’s currently focused on her immediate goals, Eggers plans on keeping archery a part of her life for many years to come.

“Going professional is an option,” Eggers says.  “I’d like to make some more pro staff and work in the outdoor industry. I’m working toward a degree in public accounting with a minor in sports management, so I may try to work in one of those fields for an outdoor sports company.”

Whatever path she decides to take Eggers wants to keep archery and the outdoors a center focus in her life.

“I just love archery because you can go out and do it any time,” Eggers says.  “It’s unlike so many sports that you’re limited to playing while you’re young.  You can begin archery as a child and enjoy it until the day you die.”