Easton Newberry JOAD’s Find Gold in Sacramento, CA


A team of 6 archers arrived home successful this week after competing at the 2011 Easton JOAD nationals, in Sacramento, CA. The team finished with 7 medals, one of them (Ryan Oliver, 12) even taking out the coveted title of overall champion for his age division.

Head Coach of the Easton facility, Robert Turner, was very impressed with the teams performance and attitude whilst away. “The whole team have never been to a national outdoor JOAD event before and have only been shooting a very short time. I truthfully did not expect to have such results so quickly, thanks to the hard work of the athletes, the staff at the Easton Newberry complex and the support of the Easton Foundations we have been able to come home with some medals. I am now looking forward to continuing our development plans for the archers at our facility and look forward to more young archers enjoying success in our wonderful sport”

Each one of the six athletes who attended the event underwent a selection process that started earlier this year. The athletes were selected out of some 50-60 students that regularly shoot in the complexes JOAD classes. Students interested in competing for he team were required to meet certain scores within class competitions, pass certain level in class fitness tests, show passing grades in school and even deliver the steps of the NTS to the facilities head coach. Those that passed these steps then finally attended a shoot off to make the team.

Coach Robert said “it was a tough process for selection but I am definitely happy with what the archers have learnt from the process and especially what they have learnt from the event. The archers in the team will now all give a report to one of the facilities classes to share their experiences with their fellow students, this is all part of our plan to develop all levels of archers within our facility”


  • Ryan Oliver:  Overall Bowman champion,  Olympic Round Gold medal,  Team Round Silver medal AND Ranking Round Silver medal

  • Taylor Gray:  Team Round Silver medal

  • Tristan Hyde:  Team Round Bronze medal

  • Morgan “Gan” Gryffin:  Team Round Bronze medal

For more information about the Easton Newberry Sports Complex and their classes you can find them at http://www.eastonnewberrysportscomplex.com/

 Article submitted by: Robert Turner from the Easton Newberry Sports Complex.