Boy Scouts of America – Troop 163 Bear Brook Archery Range Project



I wish to thank the Easton Foundations  for supporting James throughout the  process of upgrading the archery range at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire.

Replacing the Archery Range at Bear Brook has been a wonderful experience for our whole Family. (hard work, but fun!)  Without your assistance, James would not have replaced the entire archery range.

Here is a photo of James (Jim) and his brother John at the Bear Brook State Park Archery Range displaying one of the targets that was built.

The  Bear Brook Archery Range Improvements presentation created by the New Hampshire Fish & Game Hunter Education Department was shown at their BOD meeting by the Hunter Ed director (Laura Ryder) to inform them of what James accomplished.  We were all very busy working at the various targets in small groups (10 hours in the rain the first day). I think the only time we were all in one place was at lunch.

James can tell you the total number of hours worked (~1342 hours?) and the total number of people who helped as it’s all part of his Eagle Project Workbook.  (some folks were from local Archery Club – Granite State Bowhunters, The F&G Hunter Ed Department had one guy who’s help was tremendous, Josh MacKay!)

The power point shows that the New Hampshire Fish and Game – Hunter Ed, puts the value on his project (with donations, volunteer labor and hours worked, etc.) at about $23,000. They are thrilled.  They thought the Archery Range upgrade was going to require a 5-year plan.


Jake Kirk