Easton Newberry Goes International

For the last ten days the Easton Newberry Sports Complex has had an international flavor in its archery office and on the range.


Three coaches from around the globe have been through intense training under Head Archery Coach Robert Turner in the ICECP program (International Coaching Enrichment program). Coach Jener Sato of Brazil, Coach Marja Woortman of Namibia and Coach Meshal Alotaibi of Saudi Arabia all shadowed Coach Robert in his daily duties. The ICECP program includes time spent in Delaware University, the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, and a 10-day internship at a facility focusing on their specific sport – In this case, the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, Florida.

The guest coaches enjoyed lending their hands to a variety of different events that the Complex hosted. These included JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) classes – Beginner to advanced levels and Adult beginner and intermediate classes; a ‘Try Archery’ booth at a local community festival; visiting the local university club; and meeting with varied Easton Newberry staff who help the coaches put together project ideas to advance archery back in their home countries. The coaches, not surprisingly, also successfully passed the basic and intermediate instructor coaching courses.

During this same time, there were also two archers from Austria training in Newberry; the excellent weather, training facilities and available coaching make it a popular site.


Including Head Coach Robert Turner (originally from Australia), for this moment in time, all five World Archery Federation regions were represented at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex – Africa (Namibia), Asia (Saudi Arabia), the Americas (Brazil), Oceania (Australia ) and Europe (Austria).

The Easton Newberry Sports Complex would like to wish all the visiting archers and coaches the best in their future and looks forward to seeing the individuals and Countries grow from the experience.