YMCA of Greater Nashua Archery Camp Testimonials


The YMCA of Greater Nashua was fortunate to have received a $3,000 grant from your organization in the fall of 2010. These funds purchased new bows, arrows rests and other key equipment that youth at the Y’s Camp Sargent used this past summer. Our camp director Randy Menken reached out to parents earlier this month to ask what they and their children thought of their archery experience at Camp Sargent. The positive response we got about the camp experience and the kid’s desire to continue on with archery as a hobby are so encouraging that we had to share them with you.

From all the campers who were able to experience a quality archery experience using equipment funded by the ESDF – Thank You! 

YMCA of Greater Nashua archery camp testimonials.

AppreciationIdida Briones