The Easton Foundations are pleased to announce that over the last year it has funded over $5.5 million in grants and programs. The Foundations’ funding supports youth baseball, softball and cycling, as well as education and medical research. Since 2007, total grants and programs of over $22 million have been provided to community and non-profit organizations.

This past fiscal year there were 140 grant recipients including USA Archery and Paralympics, National Field Archery Association Foundation, US Collegiate Archery, Little League Baseball, National Archery in the Schools Program, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, College Baseball Foundation, 4-H, International Softball Federation, World Sports Chicago, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, USA Hockey Foundation, and various youth groups, schools and park programs.

The Foundations’ programs include the Olympic Archery in Schools program currently in 5 states, the Easton Newberry Archery Center, the Easton Van Nuys Archery Center, plus ranges in various locations in California, and coaching programs for archery instructors at various park and recreation programs throughout the country.

The Foundation hosted the 2012 Archery World Cup in Ogden, Utah, its fourth year hosting a World Cup event, as well as the Gator Cup in Florida.

A highlight of the year was the Foundation’s signing of an agreement with the USOC to provide funding for a new archery center and housing at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

The Easton Foundations’ aim is to keep archery a viable part of the sporting culture in communities across the United States. Founded during the 1984 Olympics by Jim Easton, the founder and former CEO of Easton Sports, Inc, the Foundation actively works to introduce the sport of archery to communities across the country. It supports the training of aspiring archers, trainers, coaches, and administrators and building of indoor archery facilities at city parks, schools, universities and sports complexes.

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