Easton Foundations Receive Generous Support From Bad Boy Buggies/E-Z Go


Easton Foundations graciously accepted a donation of two all-terrain hunting vehicles from Bad Boy Buggies/E-Z-GO in August.  Bad Boy Buggies agreed to lend the vehicles to the facility for events and general use, with a new demo buggy being donated every six months thereafter.

Bad Boy Buggies delivered two LT Safari hunting vehicles, each valued at $14,499, just prior to this year’s first annual Hunting Expo.  The Easton Newberry Sports Complex plans to use the vehicles for archery tournaments, 3-D shoots, and general transportation of supplies, staff and guests. 

Easton Foundations and Bad Boy Buggies/E-Z-GO came together shortly after a visit to the complex by Travis “T-Bone” Turner of the hit TV show “Bone Collector,” who acted as a catalyst for the current relationship.  

“T-Bone is really the reason we were able to work this deal out,” said Pamela Parrott, Accounting/OAS Coordinator of the Easton Newberry Sports Complex. “We’re really thankful for his commitment to the archery world.”

After T-Bone’s visit, arrangements were made with Philip Jhant, Director of Specialty Vehicle Sales for Bad Boy Buggies, who helped turn the idea into a reality.  Covered in camouflage, quiet and capable of carrying up to six passengers, the two LT Safaris proved to be a valuable and fitting asset almost immediately after delivery.

Easton Foundations would like to thank Bad Boy Buggies/E-Z-GO, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, and Phillip Jhant for their generous contribution to the Easton Newberry Sports Complex, and encourages all to check out what each company has to offer the archery/hunting world. 

Bad Boy Buggies was founded in 2003 and specializes in the production of 2 and 4-wheel drive electric and gas-powered all-terrain hunting vehicles.  Bad Boy Buggies teamed up with E-Z-GO in 2010 and offers a wide variety of vehicles for nearly any application. 

The Easton Newberry Sports Complex was developed by Easton Foundations and the City of Newberry. The Complex opened in 2009 and is dedicated to furthering sport and introducing archery to a broader audience. The complex has a wide variety of target and 3D archery ranges. The portion of the site dedicated to archery caters to all skill levels and features state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor styles of archery.

If you’d like more information about this event or Easton Newberry Sports Complex, please call 352-472-2388 or visit our website at www.eastonnewberrysportscomplex.com  Easton Newberry Sports Complex is located just west of Gainesville, Fl.