Newberry JOAD Team by Robert Turner


The JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development program) and National Archery Championships wrapped up in Hamilton, Ohio on the last day of June. Two Coaches from the Easton Newberry Sports Complex, Head Coach Robert Turner and Coach Joseph Todd, went along to support archers from their facility and to bring ideas from this event back to the Easton Archery Center.

The Newberry JOAD team was one of the largest teams on the field of play with 22 members spread across all genders and bow types with a wide variety of skill level and experience.  This variation gave the coaches a busy work load and a variety of experiences to help them develop in the future. 

The tournament lasted 5 days and had almost every weather scenario possible making it tough on the archers, coaches and all involved. The extreme heat (causing one event cancellation), strong winds and even a sudden derecho storm couldn’t stop the archers from having a great time and breaking many personal bests along the way.  The tournament had an official practice day, two days of target rounds, teams match play and finally an individual match play day giving the archers a wide variety of event types and an ability to meet other archers that share a passion for the sport. 

The coaches were able to experience USAA’s new coaching policy on the Field of play, only those who were accredited could be close to the archers on the line. This was a great experience for new Coach Joey Todd who was on his first trip to a National tournament and experienced archers spread out across a huge field, the mixing of compound and recurve archers, and the responsibility of fixing bows and archers, technically and mentally, during a big competition. He was also able to meet coaches, parents and archers from all over the country and learn more about the world of archery in the USA.

All had the privilege of seeing the USA Olympic team and coaching staff at the event. USAA National Youth representatives, World Youth Champions, Olympic team members and even a living archery legend in Darrell Pace (who was a field crew member at the event) gave the event a wide range of extremely talented archers to watch and learn from. It was a great experience for all and certainly made for a trip to remember. 

Coach Robert Turner and Joey Todd would like to thank the Easton Foundations, the parents (who helped so much and supporting such fine archers) and of course the archers who all showed great sportsmanship and represented their club and state proudly. The coaches will put into practice what they learned from the trip and already have ideas on a pre-nationals preparation camp during the JOAD state championships of the Florida Archery Association