LaSalle Council Builds New Archery Range

Gerrod Hampel, LaSalle Council #165 Shooting Sports Committee Chair

(Pictured L to R: Doug Engh, ESDF; Gerrod Hampel; Danny Yeager, 2012 Camp Tamarack Archery Director)

(Pictured L to R: Doug Engh, ESDF; Gerrod Hampel; Danny Yeager, 2012 Camp Tamarack Archery Director)

LaSalle Council #165, Boy Scouts of America held a dedication ceremony for its new archery range facility at Wood Lake Scout Reservation, Camp Tamarack on July 10, 2012.  The new archery range facility is an upgrade to the existing archery range at Camp Tamarack.

With the approval of the Council’s Properties Committee, the process of fundraising began in 2010.  A grant from the Easton Sports Development Foundation was awarded, and construction begun.  The majority of the work was done through volunteers from the community and current and former Camp Staff members. 

The first work weekend in April 2011 saw the frame and roof trusses put up, with the roofing finished within the next couple of weeks.  The facility saw a summer’s worth of activity in 2011, before the cement for the new training and shooting line were poured.  By November 2011, the 10’x16’ storage and maintenance building was framed and enclosed.  The storage and maintenance building has solar-powered LED lighting that was donated and installed by a former Camp Staff member.

The final stages of the project were completed in April and May of 2012, in time for the new Summer Camping season which began June 17, 2012.  The archery range facility can accommodate up to 8 archers on the line at a time, as well as offering an aerial target thrower for the Scouts and Scout leaders to try their hand at.

Mr. Doug Engh from the Easton Sports Development Foundation joined the staff at Camp Tamarack on July 10, 2012 for a dedication ceremony.  The dedication was part of activities scheduled to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout Award.

Through the generosity of the Easton Sports Development Foundation, the Scouts and Scouters of LaSalle Council are introduced to and can develop their skills in archery.  There are plans to make the archery range available to Conservation Clubs and other organizations throughout the year.