PSE Supports the Growth of Archery in Florida


Archery (based in Tucson Arizona) has donated a range of bows to the Easton Newberry Sports Complex to help grow the influx of people already trying archery in the region. The Easton newberry Complex is based in Newberry Florida (10 miles west of Gainesville) and is an arm of the Easton Foundations, a charitable Foundation that’s main goal is to grow the sport of archery throughout the country.  

Since opening in 2009 the Easton Newberry Complex has seen its facility and Archery programming grow significantly to become one of the busiest archery facilities in the area and possibly the country.

It is estimated that the complex will see some 150,000+ guests in 2013 with archery taking a front and center position in that business. The facility staff is very excited to have PSE Archery associated with the facility and cant wait for the archers to try the bows.

Facility Director and Head Coach, Robert Turner says, “PSE’s thoughtful donation will enable our visitors to try some of the latest bows on the market and go a long way to helping archery grow in North Central Florida”

The Easton Newberry Sports Complex and archers would like to thank PSE for their generous donation. For more information on Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE Archery) be sure to head to their website at for more information. To try one of the bows donated be sure to head to the Easton Newberry Sports Complex today.