National Program Impact Surveys Completed for NASP and USA Archery

January 27th, 2014 BY DOUG ENGH, Outreach Director

Easton Foundations provides program and equipment funding for a number of national archery organizations.  Its staff also assists in many ways to help these organizations achieve their goals in promoting and developing archery.

Even though these organizations are the best in operating their own programs, from time to time it’s helpful to bring in outside sports management researchers to assist in evaluating best practices and program impact.  During 2013, two organizations partnered with Easton Foundations, which provided funding and logistical support—USA Archery and National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®)–to conduct comprehensive surveys of their participants, and in some cases their staff and leaders.  A research team from the University of Texas A&M, led by Dr. Matt Walker, worked with USA Archery’s Denise Parker and Mary Emmons, and with Roy Grimes of NASP®, to develop the questions and logistics in order to reach a larger number of participants and the most meaningful results.  Easton Foundations’ Doug Engh assisted in coordinating the effort.

The NASP® survey was conducted at their 2013 National Tournament with thousands of youth answering survey questions.  The USA Archery club survey was conducted online and by phone.

Both organizations assisted Dr. Walker’s team in developing the questions, stating their goals, and providing access to their members and participants.  Once the results and any recommendations were tabulated, phone meetings with Dr. Walker were arranged to clarify the results and verbiage, and the final reports were then submitted to the organizations.

With their permission, we’ve archived the survey results here for your viewing.  Each survey provides insight not only of the perception of each organization by its members and leaders, but also to the archery sport as a whole.  They provide insight for those looking for new ways to attract archers and how to best retain them and for clubs looking for ways to stay active.

Many thanks to Roy Grimes, Denise Parker and Mary Emmons for their help, and thanks to Dr. Matt Walker of the University of Texas A&M for putting together a great research team.

To access the Surveys, please click on the links:

Club Based Archery Report

NASP Report 2013

About the Easton Foundations:  The Easton Foundations’ aim is to keep archery a viable part of the sporting culture in communities across the United States.  Founded during the 1982 Olympics by Jim Easton, the founder and former CEO of Easton Sports, Inc., the Foundation actively works to introduce the Olympic sport of archery to communities across the country.  It supports the training of aspiring archers, trainers, coaches, and administrators and building of archery facilities at city parks, schools, universities and sports complexes.