Archery Comes to the College of the Ouachitas

By Eric Moore, Sports Editor
Malvern Daily Record

The College of the Ouachitas got a new shipment recently that will help the school offer archery to its students for the first time.

The school received 15 sets of bows, arrows and sights through the Easton Sports Development Foundation grant, which will allow COTO to become a part of the U.S. Collegiate Archery Association.

The goal is for the group to start out as a club, eventually making its way to an organization that will compete against other colleges in the area.

The archery club will be the first recreational club on the campus of the College of the Ouachitas, Bob Starkey, Division Chair of Arts and Science, said.

In the initial stage of the program, the college has had nine or ten students sign up for archery.  There will be a meeting at the college in the next few weeks to decide when archery will begin at the College of the Ouachitas.

The archery program at College of the Ouachitas will be the second in Hot Spring County.  Only Glen Rose High School currently has an active archery program.