Outreach Report

By Doug Engh

A main focus of outreach has become the identification and recruitment of archery facilities and venues into the Easton Foundations affiliation program. To this end, Outreach Director Doug Engh has met with directors from National Wild Turkey Federation to begin plans to create outdoor archery fields at their headquarters in Edgefield, South Carolina. This will match a joint effort between the two organizations to also launch Park Archery League within a pilot selection of NWTF JAKES programs to be managed by their headquarters archery coordinators.

In a similar effort, Salvation Army in Chicago is developing plans to provide Park Archery League to their Kroc Community Center while at the same time create both indoor and outdoor archery ranges to support the program. This Chicago pilot program, if successful, will then be offered to other Salvation Army Kroc Centers across the country.

Georgia Southern University is about to open the doors to their new Shooting Sports Education Center, which Easton Foundations has assisted with partial grant funding. GSU’s facility will be opening as an Easton Foundations Affiliate Archery Center, and is currently seeking a head archery coach to join the staff.

The Affiliate Archery Centers will be meeting soon by phone to discuss hosting seminars and specialty camps, and to work out a date and location for the first Affiliate National Conference being coordinated by Doug Engh and Bob Romero.   Along with the Affiliate coaches and site managers, the Easton Foundations Operating Center coaches will also be invited to this unique gathering of professional venues.