Easton Foundations Team News

Exposure > Engagement > Excellence

By Caren Sawyer:
Happy 2016!
From everyone at the Easton Foundations THANK YOU for your support of the amazing sport of archery this past year.  From the growth of OAS to the Grand Opening of the Easton Archery Center at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, it was a remarkable year.

2015 was certainly an incredible year for all of us at the Foundation.  In 2015 together we:

  • Provided archery instruction and shooting opportunities to 2,000 archers

  • Hosted 4,425 athletes in tournaments and events

  • Certified 154 coaches

  • Introduced employees from 41 companies/groups to archery through team building events

In 2015 our students and visitors:

  • Shot over 5 million arrows

  • Achieved over 1 million hours participating in archery

The Easton Foundations hosted a variety of events in 2015 including, for the first time, the Americas Coaches Symposium, Indoor Nationals, UBA State Tournament, and JOAD FITA Tournament.  We also hosted a variety of teams from the US and internationally at our centers.

Our team worked on improving technology to make the archery experience even better by supporting new scoring ideas like Rcherz and developing software to improve the registration experience (more on this in 2016!).

Through grants, our centers, and OAS, the Easton Foundations exposed athletes in 24 states to archery in 2015.  We funded over $6 million in grants to archery for camps, clubs, colleges, schools, parks, facilities and other archery programs.

Most importantly we recognize the impact of archery beyond the target – it’s a family sport that promotes togetherness, it’s a historical tie to our human roots, it’s inspirational, it brings excitement and enthusiasm, improves imagination and attitude, builds self-esteem, teaches empowerment, instills ownership, develops commitment and brings joy, fun and friendships!

The success of bringing the grand sport of archery to the US and the world could not be possible without support from so many groups and individuals.  Our accomplishments begin with the hard work and dedication of all our employees, staff, and volunteers whose passion for archery extends beyond their jobs.  We also rely on the generosity of those who support us with gifts, both financial and product, and everyone who supported us with their participation either by shooting or watching in the sport of archery!

Our success and triumphs however begin with the generosity and support of the Easton family – thank you to Jim and Phyllis Easton!  Without you none of this would be possible.

Archery grows with your collective participation, enthusiasm and assistance.  I encourage you to continue with your support and to invite others to help us spread the excitement of archery by trying archery, attending an event, sponsoring archery activities from OAS schools to the Gator Cup to the World Cup and watching archery in the 2016 Olympics!