The South Carolina Kyudo Renmei is Grateful to the Easton Foundations for Their Support of Kyudo


Students along the east coast, from Maine to Florida and as far west as Texas, recently gathered to train under the instruction of Aaron Blackwell, kyoshi rokudan. Students spent a week of intensive training with the South Carolina Kyudo Renmei (Japanese Archery School), living and working together.


Kyudo is the study of the Japanese longbow. However, it is much more than archery. In addition to physical technique, Kyudo has a strong mental aspect. It is one of the oldest and most traditional of the martial arts, stressing self-improvement in the art, as well as in everyday life.

The South Carolina Kyudo Renmei is grateful to the Easton Sports Development Foundation for their support of Kyudo through the years, especially here in South Carolina.

Thank you ESDF!