Using Grants to Fund Archery Programs

Archery education, training, outreach, and range development projects are expensive. Finding the means to pay for the equipment, staffing, and operations of archery programs is a constant challenge for organizers. One method that can be successfully used to raise money is grant funding.

Grants are donated monies provided by funding organizations for specific purposes. Grants are not loans. The money granted, if used as required by the grant, does not have to be repaid. This “free” money, however, is not without cost. Grantees (organizations receiving the grant money) are required to plan programs, submit grant proposals, respond to inquiries, keep scrupulous records of finances and program participants, and produce written reports to the grantor (the organization giving the grant money) on finances, program goals, and accomplishments. The reward for all this administrative work is the financial means to initiate or expand an archery program to reach new participants and to create new program offerings.

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Archery Focus Magazine by Van Webster 
Vol. 8, Issue 5, 2004