Easton Foundations names Eric Blalock Director of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center


Easton Foundations names Eric Blalock Director of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

Salt Lake City, UT— February 1, 2019 - Easton Sports Development Foundation is pleased to announce the promotion of Eric Blalock to Director of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eric will be responsible for the management and growth of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center including promoting archery classes, seminars, programs and events as well as the development of new ideas to support archery in the Salt Lake area. Eric, who is a certified Level III Coach through USA Archery, will report directly to Carl Greene, Director of Operations.

Eric and his family will be relocating to Salt Lake City from Newberry, FL where he was Center Manager of the Easton Newberry Archery Center. Eric first started working at the center while attending the University of Florida. After leaving briefly for an internship with Good Sports and a project with the Florida Sports Foundation, Eric returned to the center as the Assistant Director of Programs in 2015. In 2017, Eric was promoted into the lead position of Center Manager where he displayed a strong knowledge over a wide range of responsibilities including building a strong sense of teamwork and purpose and made substantial contributions to the growth of the center.

“I am very pleased to have Eric as the new leader of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center”, stated Greg Easton, President of the Easton Foundations. “Eric’s leadership at the Newberry center has been strong and has led to strong operational results and events. Eric was also an integral part of the team that made the Salt Lake World Cup events such a success. I look forward to his leadership in improving the operations and overall usage and participation at the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center."

“Eric has demonstrated great leadership skills by building strong teams with staff, great working relationships with community organizations, and providing valuable insights with long range planning. His dedication to the mission of the Easton Foundations and the customers we serve will be instrumental in leading the direction of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center,” stated Carl Greene, Director of Operations for the Easton Foundations.

Eric expressed his enthusiasm at moving to the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center, “When offered the opportunity to lead the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center, I felt honored. The center is one of a kind and has the capability to impact the sport greatly. I am excited to continue building on Easton Foundations’ mission in Salt Lake.”

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is open to the public for classes, training and events. For more information, please call 801-523-5232 or visit the website: www.eastonsaltlakearcherycenter.org.

About the Easton Foundations:

The Easton Foundations’ aim is to keep archery a viable part of the sporting culture in communities across the United States. Founded during the 1982 Olympics by Jim Easton, the founder and former CEO of Easton Sports, Inc., the Foundations actively work to introduce the Olympic sport of archery to communities across the country. It supports the training of aspiring archers, trainers, coaches, and administrators and the building of archery facilities at city parks, schools, universities and sports complexes.

The Easton Foundations encourages and engages youth to participate and develop skills in the sports of archery, baseball, softball, ice hockey, and cycling. It contributes to selected 501(c)(3) charitable groups and universities that share its vision of excellence and innovation in sports programs, business and engineering education, and medical research.

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