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Exposure To The Elements

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Many archers take pride in being able to shoot in almost every kind of weather. Tournament officials may pause or cancel competition if the targets are obscured or if they feel that weather threatens the safety of those on the field. The most common reason to stop shooting is a lightning strike nearby. Naturally, it makes good sense to head indoors rather than stay outside holding a tall bow and a handful of metal arrows during a storm. To help increase safety at competitions, some tournament officials keep lightning detectors which can calculate the distance between the tournament venue and the lightning strike.

But what about other kinds of weather? Archers may compete in high winds, heat, cold, fog and rain. Again, it is up to the Director of Shooting whether or not to halt the tournament if conditions become unsafe.

No matter what the weather situation might be, archers must plan ahead so they can take precautions. Many shooters get in the habit of checking the weather and will bring clothing for both the high and low temperatures. It is a good idea to wear layers that you can put on or remove easily if the weather changes during the day. Wet weather gear is very useful and will serve you best if you practice using it once or twice before going to a tournament.


Weather You Like It Or Not


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