To Play By The Rules…


You Need To Know The Rules

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Rules make competition easy and fair for every archer. Knowing the rules before going to a tournament will help ensure you can focus on shooting and having a fun time. Because rules may change over time to stay relevant, you should make sure you are up-to-date on the most current regulations.

Different types of archery need different rules. For example, archers may want to use other kinds of equipment for field archery because it has different kinds of terrain. Shooters in 3D Archery aim at three-dimensional targets and must guess their distances. For these reasons, rules for one type of archery may not be helpful for another kind. Here we will focus on the specifics of target archery. If you want to find rules on other types of shooting, most organizations make their rulebooks available online.


Official Rules & Documents


For Field Archery


For 3D Archery


For Target Archery