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The students and I would like to thank you so much for all the new equipment that we received yesterday! We were so excited to unpack and set up an inventory sheet in order to keep track and take good care of it all. The students just kept saying “This is just like Christmas!!!” It was a blast to see them so happy. I know they feel so so privileged to be a part of the OAS program and all that it offers them. I have two really great archers (who where also struggling in school in academics and behavior prior to joining our team) who have told me they are very serious about taking their skills and interest as far as they can…maybe Olympics! They told me that above all this program has helped them learn to focus and control themselves in social settings as well as on their classwork. We can’t thank you and Easton enough.
— Coach Cecilia, High Tech High, Chula Vista, California

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The facility at the Easton training center in Salt Lake City is terrific. They have 20 or more butts indoors at 70 meters and they can be moved easily to any distance that you want in the space. The space is extremely well lit. Television quality lighting. The people who are running the center are tremendously helpful in doing anything that you want to accomplish whatever your goals are for your training camp. We thought it was wonderful. We had the BEST time ever, we got in terrific training, lots of hours. It was a great experience for our team.
— Joan MacDonald Canadian National Team Coach

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In 2013, Lake Highland added archery to its variety of competitive sports offered on campus for ninth through 12th graders. Since then, we’ve seen an increasing interest in the sport, and it has become yet another outlet where our students can excel.
— John Winchester, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, FL